trekking types

Trekking style
(1) camping(2)tea house
(1) tea house

The desise to make the most of what maybe once-in a life time trip to Nepal means that there is a temptation to chose itineraries that are too hard or long for your groups, level of the walking experience or fitness many trekkers choose tea house treks with itineraries believing that by staying in a room they will recover faster from the days walk.
      The major trekking routs in everest,Annapurna and langtang,are all well equipped with tea house and camping grounds, but the convenience of not having to carry camping gear means that tea house are the preferred option.
(2) Camping
The most flexible comfortable and hygiene way to explore the Himalayas on a camping have unrestricted access to trails view points and passes you need to be self –sufficient, with the support of the team of experienced staff guide,Sherpa,kitchen staff porter  etc.trekking in Nepal was initially exclusively camping based to there is a substantial experience that means even the first time  camper will be comfortable and well.each morning you will be woken with a mug of tea delivered by a smiling Sherpa. Followed by a bowel of water to wash your face. breakfast is preferably served al-fresco in the morning sun as your crew packs up the camp at same point along the days trail your cook will have prepared a lunch for you at a scenic  spot befor you complete your jorny to the next  campsite and an extensive  your dinner menue.shower,toilet,and dining tent with table and cheer complete your camp site and comfort comes courtesy of a foam mattress pillow usually an optional extras in fact camping in Nepal is frequently more comfortable and funny ,enjoy, crowded then tea house .nearly remote or exploratory treak.will be camping based as a group need to have a sherpas and crew available to help cross passes and break trail. a future of maney treks is a high altitude pass for exemple chola pass,renjolapass,throngla pass, these passes are difficult and very challenging  for the majority of walkers.