himalayan mountain in nepal

the himalaya is one of the youngest and highest mountain systems of the world.the name comes from sanskrit hima-snow and alaya-home.it extends over 2,400km(1800 miles) from the indus in pakistan to brahmputtra  rivers in assam,india. the central section of the himalaya traverses through nepal about 800km from mahakali to kanchangunja and is known as nepal himalaya.according to estimation,there are 1310 peaks that exceed 6,000 meters in higest.out of the worlds 14 highest peaks,there are eight in nepal.these are:
  1. ​mount everest  8848m
  2. kanchenjunga   8598m
  3. lhotse                8511m
  4. makalu              8481m
  5. cho-oyu             8201m
  6. ghaulagiri          8167m
  7. manaslu            8156m
  8. annapurna         8091m
much of the country abobe 5,000meters is under permanent snow cover.thesnow line varieswinter snowfall accurs up to an elevation of 2,000meters.according to an unpublished project report submited by the central department og geography,T.Uto industrial branch,ministry of tourism and sivil aviation(2001) there are nine additional peaks exceeding 8000 meters four in kanchenjunga range,three in the vicinity of lhotse  and two  in the vicinity of cho-oyu.
there are as many as 27 ranges in nepal himalaya but we can recognize 13 major himalayan ranges in nepal
  1. the kanchanjunga himal
  2. the kumba karna himal
  3. the khumbu himal
  4. the rowaling himal
  5. the jugal himal
  6. the langtang himal
  7. the ganesh himal
  8. the gorkha himal
  9. the annapurna himal
  10. the daulagiri himal
  11. the kanjirowa himal
  12. the saipal himal
  13. the byas rishi himal