Heartly welcome to Himalaya !Find the adventure of a life time

Dear Nepal traveler  
You are most welcome to this mystical land the birth place of Lord Buddha and the home of Mt. Everest, the tallest peak of the world. Strategically located between china East and India west two booming economies in the world. Nepal is Mountain Country offering various adventure options. The country is home to Eight 14 tallest peak on the earth, but the richness of Nepal does not End with the mountain. The country is home to timeless culture and tradition, colorful fiestas and festivals, ancient templates and monuments, diverse flora and fauna, and friendly and Ever smiling dwellers. Beginning with High Mountain in the north and ending at the plains of Tarai in the south, Nepal diverse topography offers plethora. Of activities to the visitors, Nepal has more than 1200 mountain peaks which offer enough opportunities for mountaineers. Those who can’t go to mountain areas can also enjoy the mighty Himalayas through mountain flights. Trekking is another adventure activity that Nepal has been offering to visitors. Trekking in Nepal treks visitors to virgin areas wherein visitors can cherish the beauty of the country and experience  the lifestyle of different culture  gropes living far-flung  settlements. Rafting, down Nepal fast flowing rivers can be another attraction for Nepal visitors. Adventure activities in the Nepal likes of Mt. Biking, bungee jumping, paragliding, ultra light Mt. flight, rock climbing and cannoning promise visitors a memorable experience in Nepal. Likewise, the sighting trip on different world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley provide opportunity to experience the grandeur of medieval culture and traditions.